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We have been working hard on a new direction for our business and are excited to announce the launch of the JukeCase Mini, cialis our first standardised product. It’s a portable speaker that captures the essence of our brand: maximum sound quality, site modern functionality and classic styling. Simply connect your phone/laptop via bluetooth for beautiful room-filling audio. Our campaign is now live on Pozible:  JukeCase Mini on Pozible

Watch our campaign video now:


We have chosen to launch this unit on the crowd-funding website Pozible. In order to put the JukeCase-Mini into production we are going to need to meet the minimum order requirements of our suppliers which involves quite a big outlay. Crowd-funding the JukeCase-Mini gives us an opportunity to pre-sell to interested customers. The first batch of JukeCase-Minis will be in Navy blue (as pictured), denture new colour options will become available once we meet our target. JukeCases will still be lovingly handmade in Melbourne and will start from a low $199.

suitcase speaker melbourne jukecase


The campaign starts on November the 14th and will run until the 15th of December.

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m interested in the Juke Case mini but I’m wondering how you can get stereo sound out of only 1 sub and 1 mid range speaker. Does it play only one channel?

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